Abrasion and hardness tests

Abrasion tester - TABER ABRASER 352 G (Typ 5135)
Durability against abrasion
  • Abrasion by friction roller with a defined strength on a rotating sample
  • weight loss method, visually evaluation and microscopical abrasion depth determination
Scratch hardness tester - Erichsen Linear tester Modell 249
Durability against different surface exposure
  • scratch test with different standardized testing tips
  • double stroke abrasion tests, crock meter test, MEK test, and solvent respectively wiping test
  • testing tips are operating with single- or double stroke and a defined strength on the surface
Pendulum damping tester - Erichsen Modell 299/300
hardness determination of surfaces according to König and Persoz
  • Evaluation of the damping behaviour of surfaces
  • a standardized pendulum is placed on the surface and transferred into vibrations
  • if the surface is harder, the vibrations are less damped
Hardness test pencil - Erichsen Modell 318S
Determination of the hardness of a surface
  • Determination of the resistance of a layer or a multilayer system by ingression of a defined weight
  • the test pencil ingress to the substrate or to an intermediate layer
Scratch hardness pencil - Erichsen Schmiss / Metal Marking Modell 435
Determination of the scratch resistance of a surface
  • Simulation of “small” scratches on the surface such as coatings
  • simulation of “Metal-Marking” (damage of the surface by metal particles)