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spectral feinstruktur available soon in 5 colors


For a long time, the popular „fine structure“ could only be achieved by powder coating aluminium parts. With our new foil „spectral feinstruktur“ for outdoor use, plastic parts can now also be converted into fine structure. In addition to its extraordinary appearance and slightly coarse feel, the new high-tech foil is characterized above all by its robustness.

The extremely high chemical resistance of the surface, that you should already know from our foil „spectral ultramatt“, is something you can expect from this new foil as well.

The high scratch resistance is unique in the window market. Furthermore, the foil is able to cover possible unevenness of the underground by its fine structure look.

Our partner VEKA offers its customers our foil in the following five colors soon:

anthracite, quartz grey, basalt grey, silver grey, umbra