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Experience a revolution of your surfaces

Electron beam hardening by means of e-beam

Paint-finished surface through electron beam hardening in the e-beam

spectral is a high-quality lacquer-finished surface that stands out from the competition in terms of its outstanding technical properties, combining maximum stability and a refined look to perfection.

Thanks to its unique structure, the surface is resistant to a wide range of influences and withstands all weather conditions. At the same time, a proven high scratch and abrasion resistance ensures special durability.


Very robust against many influences (environmental, mechanical and chemical)


Flexible laminating despite a very hard, scratch-resistant surface


High abrasion resistance


Revolutionary technology


Electron beam cured paint layer provides special protection

E-beam electron beam curing: coatings cured by e-beam

Varnish curing by electron radiation in the e-beam

The heart of our unique coating system is an e-beam. In this e-beam, the coating on the films is irradiated with electrons. The special ESH coating hardens in the process and forms a surface that is particularly robust against various chemical, mechanical and ecological influences. It is extremely weather-resistant, durable and abrasion-resistant. The resulting paint-finished surface spectral thus meets all requirements for exterior construction products. Added to this is our expertise in the area of application on window and door profiles. The original development for the demanding application on window and door profiles strengthens the properties of our surface. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, all properties can be proven in real applications.

Extremely weather resistant and durable

Ursprünglich entwickelt für den anspruchsvollen Einsatz auf Fenster- und Türprofilen

All properties proven in the laboratory and in real applications

Meets all requirements for building products in the exterior construction area

Best features

Chemical resistance
  •  Cleaning agent
  • Assembly agents
  • Biological substances
  • Laboratory chemicals
Mechanical resistance
  • High scratch resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High surface hardness
Environmental stability
  • Proven high resistance to any environmental influences
  • Stable against color and gloss changes
  • Adhesion stability even under difficult environmental conditions