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Experience a revolution of your surfaces

Paint-finished surface through electron beam curing in the E-Beam 

spectral is a high-quality paint-coat surface that stands out from the competition with outstanding technical characteristics; it is the perfect combination of elegant optics and extreme stability. Because of its unique structure, the surface is resistant to many influences and can withstand all weather conditions. The extreme, proven resistance to scratches and abrasion also helps to ensures a very long service life. Paint-finished surface through electron beam curing in the e-beam


Very robust against many influences (environmental, mechanical and chemical)


Flexible laminating despite a very hard, scratch-resistant surface



High abrasion resistance


Revolutionary technology

An electron-beam hardened coating provides extra protection

Best features


Chemical resistance


  • Detergents and cleansers
  • Mounting agents
  • Biological substances
  • Laboratory chemicals

Mechanical resistance


  • High scratch resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High surface hardness

Environmental stability

  • Extreme, proven resistance to all environmental influences
  • Stable against any changes to colour and gloss
  • Adhesion stability even under difficult environmental conditions

spectral - exterior foil

spectral - decorative foil for outdoors

Exterior foil for outdoor applications

Since October 2016, celocor has been enabling an unprecedented synthesis of technology and design. This surface is currently available in ten colours and further colours are planned. In the future, there will be no limits to the application possibilities. Since celocor can be used on many surfaces, it is an attractive technology for any industry. Take advantage of our surface finishing technology to turn your products into an experience.


Space for your individual ideas

New decors

Different surface structures planned

New Trends

Available colour pallet being continually expanded

Different decors

Decorative wood and metal effects are being planned

Different widths

Various widths up to 1.60 m available

Fields of application of our decorative foil

Our decorative foil spectral is ideal for outdoor applications. The weather resistant foil can use flexibly and can be designed indivdual with our various decors and structures. Due to its versatility, spectral can be used as door foil, foil for garage doors and facade foil.
Doors and frames
Garage doors

Available decors for spectral

With our ultramat decors we create a high-quality surface with innovative anti fingerprint and soft-touch property.

anthracit ultramat

similar to RAL 7016

steel blue ultramat

similar to RAL 5011

window grey ultramat

similar to Euras 7040

graphite black ultramat

similar to RAL 9011

umbra ultramat

similar to Euras C34

pure white ultramatt

similar to RAL 9010

black green ultramat

similar to RAL 6012

fir green ultramat

similar to RAL 6009

VEKA white ultramat


Continual development of spectral

Continual expansion of the colour pallet to satisfy the latest trends in the industry
Our manufacturing strategy enables different surface structures:

  • from ultra-matt to high-gloss
  • Wood structure
  • Metallic effects
Further development of the technical characteristics (and features) for various applications