Surface analytics

Drop Shape Analyzer -Krüss DSA100 Standard with temperature unit
Examination to wetting processes on surfaces
  • Surface energy of solids with the contact angle measurement
    surface tension of liquids
  • Examination of the surface’s wettability
IR-spectrometer and IR-microscope -
Thermo Fisher (Nicolet iN 10 MX/ iZ 10)
Identification and verification of materials
  • Analysis of materials, failure and inhomogeneities
  • Infrared spectroscopic mapping recording by IR-microscope for detection of failures and simultaneous analysis
  • Database with over 9000 spectra for identification of materials
UV-VIS-NIR-Spektrophotometer -
Shimadzu UV 3600 Plus
Determination of spectral properties of a surface
  • Determination of the TSR value (total solar reflection) by recording a reflection spectrum
  • Determination of the transmittance
  • Absorption measurement of liquids
Digital microscope - Keyence VHX-900F
Definition and recording of failure
  • Failure analysis
  • Determination of layer thicknesses by recording a cross section
  • Recording of different levels with a 3D function
Spectral photometer (d/8 measuring geometry) - Konika Minolta CM-5
colorimetric definition of surfaces
  • Definition of colour by defined CIE L*a*b* values
  • evaluation of measured colour differences (ΔL, Δa, Δb) and by calculating the total colour difference dE00
  • Standard evaluation method after weathering tests
reflectometer - Zehntner 20°,60° und 85° + haze
Determination of direct light reflection of a surface
  • Determination of gloss by reflection of directed light in a specific angle (20°, 60°, 85°)
  • standard evaluation method after weathering tests

Chemical resistance test
Determination of the behaviour against liquid chemicals
  • Contact storage of chemicals on the surface
  • analysis of stress cracks after contact storage
  • cleaner analysis by wiping method or contact storage