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Elasticity-, impact- and adhesion tests

Material testing machine - Zwick Roell Typ Z020 TE with temperature chamber
Determination of mechanical specific value of different materials with and without temperature
  • Determination of tensile and compressive stability of materials
  • Determination of adhesion with foils in composite
Cylindric mandrel bending tester - Erichsen Modell 266
resistance against cracking after bending
  • Bending the sample around a cylindric mandrel with defined diameter
Lacquer- and Paint testing machine - Erichsen Modell 202 EM
Elastizität durch langsames Verformen (Tiefungsprüfung)
  • The test tool is moving from behind forward to the sample and pushes it to the front
  • microscopic evaluation and noting the cupping value at the point where the surface show cracks
Impact tester - Erichsen Modell 304 ISO-1
resistance by impact stress
  • Examination of adhesion, resistance and deformability of a coating after impact stress
  • a defined weight is dropped from a defined high to the surface (impact) or on the reverse side (Reverse-Impact)
Cross cut tester - MTV CC3000-1
resistance of a layer against separation from the substrate (adhesion test)
  • Adhesion test by cutting through the layer(s) in form of a grid
  • Evaluation of the percentage flaking of the layer(s)